Artie, Repair Technician extraordinaire of GNOSTIKOS INC., can fix just about anything. He picks up technical skills like lizards pick up ants. He makes his living with his trusty tool case in the trunk of his rental car and a road map on the seat beside him. The next skill he’s about to learn could fix everything, or it could destroy it all.


Mac’s old wounds are packed with the salt of guilt. But the iron weight of his heart balances the scales of justice in a wilderness trampled by men’s greed. His preferred stomping grounds, the desert. The desert isn’t all that peaceful, but under the watchful eye of Mac, most of the time it’s quiet.


Linda would be the first to admit that she’s seen better days, but hard times won’t stop a hard woman. Bad luck took most of what she had and thieves in silk suits took the rest. Now she’s settled into running The Observation Deck, a quiet bar in a quiet town. A refuge for the road weary.