the heroes...


The one and only RENEGADE PSYCHIC, PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST.  Bob is the sole owner and operator of a small barbershop in the heart of the big city.  He’s a small businessman using  his mad hairstyling skills to cut out an existence in the dog-eat-dog world of customer service.

Back to that RENEGADE PSYCHIC thing.  See, Bob has special psychic powers. You know: sees people’s auras, ghosts, spirits and what have you.  In fact he can even manipulate and interact with them.  That’s a little dangerous, though; some of them really don’t like that.

Which is why Bob would prefer to use his hairstyling talents to make the world a little sexier instead of his paranormal ones to make it a lot safer – but if there’s one person who won’t take no for an answer, it’s…


A legendary psychic adventurer himself in his own day, Henry is Bob’s great-grandfather. Founding member of the amazing psychic adventure team The Maya Theater Troupe and the Psychic Union.  He’s charming, witty and brave – all characteristics he’s trying his hardest to encourage in Bob, whom he hopes will follow in his footsteps by making a name for himself and prospering in the paranormal community of reputable psychics.


Bob’s hipster cousin, owner and operator of YE OLDEN BOOK STORE.  He’s all about the latest trend.  He’s all about the what’s what.  More importantly, he collects, catalogs, trades and sells rare literature and artifacts.  His resources are invaluable to Bob’s cases and he’s always welling to help in field.  There’s nothing like the support of family!


A fellow hair wrangler! She truly has a special connection with hair!  Especially if it is possessed…  She’s a modern wigmaker carrying on the work of her illustrious ancestor, CLOVIS LEGRANDE.


An Oglala Lakota Chief. Senior council member of the renowned Psychic Union.  Former member of the psychic adventure team and The Maya Theater Troupe.  He’s a just and true wise elder.  A psychic warrior in tune with nature.


As one of Korea’s most respected shamans, possession by poltergeists is just one part of Mrs. Park’s job – but she probably never expected her current resident to make himself at home.  She’s the moderator of the Psychic Union council and guardian of this city’s chapter of the Psychic Union.


Seriously, this dude really existed!  Look him up!  Hairdresser extraordinaire of the 18th-century French court.  He primped and preened the coiffures of the likes of Madame de Pompadour.  He is the author of the famed L’ART DE LA COËFFURES DES DAMES FRANÇOISES (1765).  He opened and operated the prestigious ACADÉMIE POUR LA COËFFURES DES DAMES, where he taught illustrious hair constructs and helped establish hairdressing as a profession.  But was his day profession just a crafty ruse that covered up his exploits during the night?

the baddies...


What is the mysterious and evil Hux?   A demon from Hell?   An alien from another dimension or planet?  No one knows, but what is known is that the ancient medallion in which it has been trapped is no lamp and the Hux is no genie; rub it only if you wish for death.  The Hux is the foe Bob’s ancestors have battled for over a thousand years – and now it’s Bob’s turn.


Ha!  This is all you get to see!  The Wendigo before its fully manifested!  An AMAZING illustration created by Francisco Resendiz.  The Wendigo is a force of nature.  A powerful elemental.  A guardian.  Pure trouble!


Looks harmless now, but when it finds a host, it turns into a monster of epic proportions!  Is it a sentient parasite?  Or cursed hair?  Whichever, it’s legendary for occasionally attaching itself to a new host and making a bid for political power – always in service to its ultimate goal of plunging as much of the world as possible into chaos.


Professor Juhlowsky is the respected head of prestigious City University’s history and archaeology schools.  If only that were enough for him, but the professor is brash, arrogant and fortune-hungry, and he is about to make a very big mistake.


Spencer is a field representative of the Psychic Union, an exclusive and internationally renowned guild of world’s most reputable psychics.  After a young psychic’s preliminary application to the Psychic Union is reviewed, Spencer is the next step in the interview process: a no-nonsense skeptic with a trained eye for a good ruse.  If you want to get into the Psychic Union, you have to get past Spencer Dorwell first.


Senior council member of the renowned Psychic Union.  Former member of the psychic adventure team, The Maya Theater Troupe.  This dour dowager has deep reservations about Bob’s business — and an old score to settle with Gramps.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and versed in the Dark Arts!

Divinely beautiful, diabolically deadly, three evil sisters who covet nothing more than their looks, particularly their luxurious hair.  They have spent lifetimes inventing spells, brewing potions and bestowing curses in order to secure their vanity.  Beware to those who tamper with their looks!


Come on now, do you see the theme yet…?  The hair is the thing!  Clovis is Paris’ greatest wigmaker, bent on ousting LEGROS de RUMIGNY from the French court and creating a bit of chaos at the same time!  What do you really think the French Revolution was all about?


Political hopeful, or hopefully not.  He’s thrown his hat, or his hair, into the ring as a presidential candidate.  What’s with this guy’s mop, anyway…?  Looks sinister…


The best of the best of psychics in his day.  Well respected and revered. Founding member of The Maya Theater Troupe and the Psychic Union.  A facial hair fanatic.  And, Gramps’ arch rival.  ‘Nuff said.


How does someone with absolutely no psychic talent become president of the Psychic Union?  Becky Baller’s rise to power is the nepotistic result of her lineage: she’s the only surviving descendant of her esteemed organization’s most famous founder, Dr. Cyril Jehoshaphat.  She takes advantage of her position in order to further her own agenda, which is revenge against the Holbreck clan.


There’s nothing Becky Baller’s astral assistant won’t do to please his boss.  This little ass kisser is more sinister than he looks!


The last Bourbon king of France.  Brought the French Revolution crashing down on his head, and then lost it by guillotine.  Executed, supposedly for treason – but might there have been more to it?  Nice wig, eh…?


Archduchess of Austria, sent to France to marry Louis in order to keep the peace.   A symbol of the excesses of the monarchy that helped provoke the French Revolution.   Lost her pretty little head to the blade of the guillotine as well.

there's more to come!