W9 films!


W9 films specializes in creating  AWARD WINNING cinema.  FILMS SHOT ON FILM!  From the written word all the way to the final product.  Everything is shot on real film here!

W9 is pleased to announce the award winning feature film HUNTING FOR FISH has secured distribution with Adler & Associates Entertainment, Inc.

Currently, two films are in production,  THE UNMENTIONABLES and COIFFEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE – WAITING FOR LEGROS, and three films are in the festival circuit.  The experimental short film WAITING FOR LEGROS 2: THE EYE OF THE TIGER is a 2020 MicroMania Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION!  An INDIE SHORT FEST APRIL 2020 OFFICIAL SELECTION and NOMINEE for BEST COSTUME DESIGN, and BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING.

The western short film THE LAST RESORT has been Officially Selected by many film festivals and has won the BEST OF FESTIVAL and the AUDIENCE PRIZE at the 2020 UNITED STATES SUPER 8 FILM & DIGITAL VIDEO FESTIVAL .

HUNTING FOR FISH the film event of 1998!  WINNER BEST RETRO FEATURE October 2019 CINEMAFEST, Honorable Mention – 2020 L.A. Underground Film Forum.

WOW!  W9 is really on a roll!  Who has two films in productions and three films in the festival circuit at the same time?!

Might as well go for broke!  ELVIS BIGFOOT  has been submitted to festivals as well.

CLICK on over to the vimeo site and check out all of the trailers and short films!

in post production

Wow!  W9 is on a roll!  Another film is in the works!  THE UNMENTIONABLES short film (shot on film) is in the can!  Post production has begun.

Dominic and Struther, two old-school, no non-sense detectives bust an underground counterfeit underwear ring. The seedy underbelly of society is their stomping ground. Their methods and work ethic are a bit unorthodox, but it usually yields a humorous result when cracking a case.

in production

Wait!  there’s more!  COIFFEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE – WAITING FOR LEGROS is still in production.  This short film is the next installment of the WAITING FOR LEGROS trilogy.   W9 is pulling out all the tricks of the trade for this epic little film.  Shot with an 16mm Aaton LTR, filming started on June 26, 2020.  W9 will be filming miniatures, puppets,  illustrations, photographs, and live performers.

Based on  W9’s award winning indie comic book BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC #1 “The Legend of Legros.”

The wait is finally over.  The Queen and her trusty confidant are back, and they have been patiently waiting for their desperately needed hairstyling appointment.  The flamboyant and prestigious 17th Century hairdresser and paranormal adventurer Legros de Rumigny and his trusty assistance Fremont travel to a remote mountain top castle in order to battle cursed hair.  This is the third and biggest installment of the WAITING FOR LEGROS film trilogy!